Feature Analysis and Data Delivery System (特徵分析與資料投放系統)

We use patented data transfer methods to deliver messages to social media or other channels, and to analyze readers' characteristics using patented artificial neural network algorithms. Based on the characteristics, it realizes automated audience analysis and accurate data delivery services.

On the system architecture, we can extend by elasticity parallel architecture to achieve a large number of message data processing capabilities, and to avoid delays occur. After the message data is viewed by the reader, the collected reading record and the vector analysis related to the semantic meaning are used as the basis for distinguishing the user's interest characteristics. If the vector analysis data is combined with the traditional "subjective classification label", the image data is easier to understand as shown below. However, it must be specially stated that the "subjective classification label" is not useful in this algorithm. The audience analysis is directly achieved by using the vector calculation, and there is no need to manually process the feature label.


Finally, the GDPR statement on personal data protection, we can provide users with the right to reject, correct, delete and output recorded data. All operations can be easily implemented on the user interface without the need for cumbersome setup operations, allowing the system to comply with international regulations.
最後則是關於個人資料保護方面的 GDPR說明,在系統的實際建置上,我們能提供使用者拒絕、更正、刪除與攜帶紀錄數據的權利。所有操作都能簡便地在使用者操作介面上實現,無須繁瑣的設定操作,使系統在使用上符合國際法規規範。


We specialize in the invention of application methods, optimization of algorithm and system process development, so we look forward to working with copyright owners to achieve more efficient information transfer. Finally, welcome to contact us, if you have a service application requirement for social media.