Automated digital video content monitoring system and notification services (自動化數位影音內容監測系統與通報服務)

In this monitoring system and service design, we reached the process of synchronizing recorded data, film cutting position analysis, and content judgment during the video broadcast. Whether it's from analog TV, digital TV, webcast or video archives, we can work with the right logic to get the processing and analysis of the data. In addition, in the important workflows such as pre-image processing, movie cropping point judgment, image text recognition (OCR), audio text recognition (ASR), content screening and reconciliation, the module design method can be achieved by parallel expansion. Therefore, the most suitable system construction can be carried out according to different application scenarios and data processing pressures; and it can also be consistent with the current popular SaaS business model.


In the application required by the market, it can be mainly divided into seven working phases such as broadcast monitor, video clip, content filter, imformation confirm, data transfer, and result report. With this system design, the server can automatically complete most of the service steps. If a service case with a high degree of correct rate is encountered, the system can be connected with the manual process to improve the correctness and integrity of the content analysis, and the overall service work is approaching perfection.

We look forward to providing services to clients engaged in public relations or media communications, assisting with topic exploration, event notification, and data collection and storage. If you want to learn more about actual operational results and application potential, please feel free to contact us.