Price Insight System (價格觀察服務系統)

Online assistants for observing and recording changes in commodity prices.

Commodity prices are an important factor affecting consumers' purchases and sales performance. However, in addition to professional trading systems and large enterprise-owned ERP systems, it is often difficult for consumers or retailers to consistently and fluently understand price changes in the market. Under this demand, we have designed a tool that can help consumers judge the timing of purchases and help retailers understand the state of market prices, called "price insight."

If you need to record basic commodity information, such as online channel, name, price and representative image of commodity, we can provide a standardized cloud service system. If you need to record detailed information, such as description or advertising behavior of commodity, we can provide services in a customized system. If you have your own database or programming capabilities, we can provide API data interfaces to reduce the time cost of building and maintaining crawlers.

In order to improve the mastery and responsiveness of market information, we can provide instant messages to you by email, social media, SMS or API data transmission according to your habits.

If you are worried about how to grasp the price change information of a large number of products in the market, or want to know more about the actual operation results and application potential, please feel free to contact us.

Standard tracking example of commodity prices. 

Standard tracking example for advertising. 

Standard recording example for daily sales information. 每日刊登資料的標準紀錄範例

Standard example of long-term price record.