Document Generation API (文件產生工具)

In this service, you only need to call the API system located in the cloud server to generate files that can be printed and meet the typesetting requirements. The file format provided includes Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Office Word files, and Open Document Format, ODF. Various formats can be generated separately or simultaneously with API parameters.
在這個服務中,只需要呼叫位於雲端伺服器的API系統,就能產生可供列印且符合排版需求的文件。提供的文件格式,包含Adobe PDF檔案、Microsoft Office Word檔案及開放文件格式檔案等,並能以API參數分別產生或同時產生。

In common applications, this tool is often integrated with a database to generate quotations, requests, confirmations, or data collection reports. In addition, we can assist in the automatic delivery of files generated by the API system, such as sending a file to a specific email address or transmitting a message to a specific account. If the file has a synchronous backup requirement, the file can also be sent to a third-party database or account.

File generation example (檔案生成範例):