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- The Coming of Automation -

Eunomics Inc. 良知股份有限公司

Focusing on data processing and accurate audience delivery.

Audience analysis based on neural network (artificial intelligence) algorithm.


Algorithm design

After understanding the requirements of the actual application, design the data algorithm and effective system.


Data processing

Design automated data processing flow to achieve automatic the data collection, data analysis and result output.


Audience delivery

Simulate audience thinking through a neural network (artificial intelligence) method to achieve accurate data delivery.


Accurate Audience Delivery

Realize accurate audience delivery through multi-level calculation of personal or group reading behavior.

Neural Network Analysis

Simulating human interest and thinking characteristics with specific artificial intelligence algorithm.

Algorithm Optimization

In addition to making the calculations correct and effective, we continue to work on making it all go even faster.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Using customized management system to achieve the improvement of corporate management effectiveness.

e-Commerce Application

Realize supply chain management through cross-platform concatenation and customization of system functions.

Cloud Server Deployment

With highly flexible cloud server divisions, systems and services can reach customers everywhere.

The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation.

- Jeff Hawkins -

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Our Team

Jesse Chen (陳俊維)

Product Mananger

Responsible for customer needs and product design management.


Dr. Yu-Te Huang (黃有德)

Technical Mananger

System planning and artificial intelligence algorithm development.


Max Chen (陳信翰)

System Engineer

Back-end system planning and programming.


James Chuang (莊繼興)

System Engineer

Front-end system planning and programming.

Matt Huang (黃彥鈞)

System Engineer

Back-end system planning and programming.


Dr. Kechun Bai (白可鈞)

Project Manager

Responsible for project planning and customer service management.