We do believe that

- The Coming of Automation -

Eunomics Inc. 良知股份有限公司

Focusing on automatics system and large data management.

Many important areas of decision can be reduced to automatic rules.

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Communicate with clients and understand the requirements.

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System design

Design, construction and maintenance of websites and computer programs.

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To develop a good information technology and systems on business.

Our Team

Jesse Chen (陳俊維)

Product Mananger

Responsible for customer needs and product design management.

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Yu-Te Huang (黃有德)

Technical Mananger

Automation system planning and artificial intelligence algorithm development.


Max Chen (陳信翰)

System Engineer

Back-end system planning and programming.


James Chuang (莊繼興)

System Engineer

Front-end system planning and programming.

Matt Huang (黃彥鈞)

System Engineer

Back-end system planning and programming.


Kechun Bai (白可鈞)

Project Manager

Responsible for project planning and customer service management.

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In addition to the concatenation and pooling data, we find out the key factors.

- Creativity is Just Connecting Things -

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Our Partners


e-Commerce Application

With the quick development of the internet technique, we are focusing on e-Commerce applications to improve service delivery and efficiency.

Automatic Data Transfer

We are linking communications systems to shunt any data to whomever can work them into useful automatic system.

Categorical Data Analysis

Analysis reports can also be created to view application data and summaries calculated from the data.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Using customized information management system to reinforce the enterprise' s comprehensive competitiveness.

Cloud Server Deployment

Using cloud, our clients can access the information from anywhere, where there is an Internet connection.

Algorithm Development

In addition to making the calculation correct, we continue to work on making it all go even faster.