Recent academic research related to CRISPR/Cas9 topics (近期CRISPR/Cas9基因編輯技術的研究內容觀察)

In this simple analysis, we searched NCBI PubMed database automatically and meet the research papers of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology. Subsequently, a word frequency analysis was performed using the TF-IDF algorithm to obtain an observation of the application of this advanced technology. (The related analysis process can be seen in the previous report:
在這次的簡易分析上,我們將自動搜索 NCBI PubMed 資料庫、並符合 CRISPR/Cas9 基因編輯技術的研究論文進行彙整。隨後以 TF-IDF演算法進行「詞頻」分析,以獲得這項先進技術的應用領域觀察。(相關分析流程可見上一篇報告內容

In such a novel technical field, if we generalize the research report that belongs to April 2018, we can find that the vocabulary stated in the content of the paper belongs to the explanatory words of the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology itself, but it is relatively lack of application field vocabulary. After reading the sorted list of word frequencies, we can see vocabulary about experimental applications of molecular biology, such as gene or protein expression, whole genome (genomics), gene mutation, gene silencing and gene regulation. For the medical vocabulary, there are only cancer, tumor, gene therapy, and patients; for the vocabulary of experimental materials, only words such as plasmid/vectors, cells, and zebrafish appear. This result shows that although the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing has been confirmed as a revolutionary technological breakthrough, its explosive practical application field has not yet been published. It may take some time to wait until the technology can be applied in a variety of fields, like "next generation sequencing" technology.
在這樣新穎的技術領域中,若我們概括觀察屬於 2018年 4月份的研究報告,可以發現論文內容所陳述的詞彙,多屬於 CRISPR/Cas9 基因編輯技術本身的說明用詞,而相對欠缺應用領域的詞彙。仔細閱覽詞頻的排序列表之後,可以看到關於分子生物學實驗應用的詞彙,例如基因或蛋白質表現、全基因體、基因突變、基因靜默與基因調節等。而對於醫療方面的詞彙,則僅有癌症、腫瘤、基因治療與病患等;對於實驗材料方面的詞彙,也僅有質體、細胞與斑馬魚等詞彙出現。這樣的結果顯示 CRISPR/Cas9 基因編輯雖然已經確認是革命性的技術突破,其爆發性的實際應用領域仍未被發表出來。或許還需要一些時間的等待,才能像「次世代定序」技術那樣,出現各種領域集中的應用論文。

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備註:The drawing suite, Highchart, used in this analysis.
本分析採用 Highchart繪圖套件: