URL Shortener API (短網址產生工具)

In this service, the short URL generation service provided by the mylab SaaS system can be called by API to automatically generate the required link, and the system is authorized to manage the effective period (in hours) of each short URL. In a server hardware environment with a 3GHz dual-core processor, the service will achieve a speed of 3,000 short URLs per minute.
在這個服務中,可以藉由API方式呼叫mylab SaaS系統提供之短網址產生服務,自動產生所需的短網址連結,並且委託本系統管理每則短網址之有效期間(以小時計時)。在3GHz雙核心處理器的伺服器硬體環境中,本服務將可達到每分鐘產生3000筆短網址的速度。

If you have test requirements for the functionality of this API system, the need to build a customized system, or a higher rate of data processing needs, please contact us.





API URL: https://eunomics.net/api/v1/shorten_urls

Method: POST

Content: JSON message

Access_token: "String"

api_id : "String"



 "access_token": "String",

  "api_id": "String",


                "url": String,

                “limit_hours”: Integer





curl -X POST "https://eunomics.net/api/v1/shorten_urls" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '{"access_token": "ZCAZMT6Z3XRCXJFM3AXRR2TB2XCDJK", "api_id": "d01c0043ce49807bb009360041db4889", "shortener_shortened_url": { "url": "https://24h.pchome.com.tw/", “limit_hours”: 2 }}'





Content: JSON message



"short_url": String